About Us

Eco-organics is an environmental company based in Melbourne Victoria. We specialise in totally natural methods of food waste recycling, organic fertilisers and soil conditioners, and organic odour control. We are Australia's leading supplier of Bokashi food waste recycling systems, and use a unique organic method called fermentation which is an exciting alternative to composting. Our products include the Eco Bokashi bucket (a food waste recycling system for home use), Shift! Pet waste treatment, liquid microbes and Eco Bokashi, are totally unique in Australia, and are revolutionising the way Australia treats its waste. There is no longer any need for any food waste to be dumped in landfill. We are committed to the complete elimination of the disposal of organic waste into landfill. We are committed to the re-direction of this material to effective use in agriculture and horticulture, enabling us to sustainably produce healthy and safe food.

Eco-organics is also a supplier of a wide range of organic microbial cultures and enzymes, an exciting new organically certified technology which harnesses the power of beneficial microbes to break down and recycle organic wastes. It is also an excellent, natural method of odour control and soil improvement.